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Digital Audit

Of course you want to be #1. Who doesn’t? But you have to start somewhere. A digital audit is the ideal tool to really know where you stand in the crowd and helps determine how to get closer to #1.

Cork & Fork’s digital marketing audit is an evaluation of your business on the internet — website search engine ranking, website architecture and content, on- and off-page SEO analysis, reputation on various review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, social media channel engagement, sales funnel assessment, sales conversion rate, and how the website performance compares against your goals as well as against competitors.

At the end of the day, the goal of the audit is to drive targeted traffic to your website and build positive sentiment around your brand. There is no “right time” to do a digital marketing audit and it’s never too late. Armed with knowledge, you can gain an edge against competitors on many fronts.

What clients are saying:

“The digital audit that Cork & Fork Digital Media produced for us made a big difference to our business. We implemented immediate updates to our website, as well made the decision to focus more digital energy on our e-commerce channel. It was an incredibly helpful audit for us.” - Brian Shapiro, Business Development Manager, Gary Farrell Winery