Customer Analysis

Customer Database Analysis

Also known as a consumer persona or customer analysis, developing a consumer insights profile means digging into the data to get to the essence of your customers. With this insight, you can get to know how your brand is viewed and what marketing segments resonate with your brand.

There is fierce power in knowing your customer. Defining your target audience is the first step in effective marketing. Do you have intimate knowledge of who purchases your products? What are their likes and dislikes, hobbies and habits? If the answer is an exasperated, “nope”, Cork & Fork Digital Media can help. Often, your customers have already provided loads of information about themselves simply through their transactions. It’s all there in the data, eagerly waiting to be discovered and organized. In our brand customer profile package, we mine your database and put meat on it through our secret data sauce to give you a better idea of who your customer is.

We deliver a comprehensive report on your customers, from demographics to psychographics. In addition, using the data uncovered, we create 4-6 customer personas for you to craft better offers and marketing campaigns to these segments. Armed with more familiarity with your customers, engagement and sales can soar.

What clients are saying:

”Cork & Fork Digital Media over-delivered on creating a consumer insights profile for one of our wine brands. The detailed report will be crucial for our marketing programs in the upcoming year. In addition to their excellent end-product, Cork & Fork is a great company to work with – professional, lots of communication, and the work was delivered on time.”
Emilie Eliason, Vice President – Marketing, Crimson Wine Group