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Four Steps for Digital Success Right Now

Disruption can be a dirty word. Walmart was one of the original disruptors, and they pretty much closed down indie retail in small cities and towns across the country. People celebrated the lower prices, however other prices were paid, too, like the loss of mom and pop independent businesses. But then there are good disruptors, which have contributed to deep changes in modern life, like the internet, ride sharing, cell phones and, arguably, social media.

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Website Success: Why You Should Use Google Analytics

We all know that having a website is crucial to gaining new customers and it is your face to the world. It’s a customer service tool, an e-commerce platform, and essentially your business card for the planet. But what’s so disheartening in beverage and food businesses is that too few people pay attention to what happens on it. Your website is essentially a treasure trove of information that your current customers and potential customers are giving you FREE.

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Attract More Customers to your Business

Creative Ways to Attract Customers to Your Business

Winery tasting rooms are always looking for new ways to entice tourists to come in and experience what they have to offer. While tourism may not be lacking in wine regions like Napa and Sonoma, the competition is often fierce for wine country visitors anywhere in the country. Given this reality, you need to differentiate yourself in such a way that visitors see you as a “must-try” destination. Here are a few creative ways to attract customers to your door using digital tools.

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Google Analytics Goal Set Up Step 1

Google Analytics Goal Set Up: Online Sales Revealed

Why do you need a Google Analytics goal set up? This free digital tool keeps track of your website visitors, and you can learn a lot just by seeing what web pages they frequent, how many pages they visit, and if their path leads to a sale. It’s this last bit that’s the good, juicy stuff. A goal in Google Analytics allows you to track things like: Where did a conversion originate? Organic search? Email? Referral? – How many new users to the website are converting? – How many pages did this new user visit before converting?

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5 Best Google Analytics Reports for Wine and Food Brands

Google Analytics can be an intimidating pit of mystery. But it’s also the Promised Land of data. There’s plenty of information available about your website and thus, your business, but what exactly are you supposed to pay attention to, out of all the numbers thrown at you? We geek out with this stuff so want to offer up our five best Google Analytics reports monitored on a regular basis for our clients. These offer insight into what’s happening on their website and thus, consumer interest and sales.

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GDPR Compliance for Food and Wine Brands

You’re likely familiar with the European Union law called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which took effect in late May 2018. And you may have seen a bunch of communications flooding your inboxes confirming email list opt-ins… and asked yourself… am I supposed to be doing this too? Well, yes and no. There has been a TON of confusion about GDPR compliance and some businesses went overboard just in case. But getting compliant isn’t as extreme or challenging as you might think. Likely, you’re already in the clear since most involves doing the ethical thing with your customers’ data.

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10 Email Marketing Tips for Wine and Food Brands

Email marketing has been the digital gold standard for 20 years, but everyone needs more email marketing tips. This free, old school communication platform has withstood corporate coup attempts by Facebook and Slack, among others. Nothing, however, has replaced this simple, incredibly effective tool. 72 percent of consumers prefer email as their primary means of communicating with brands, over social media and all other avenues. There’s even a 44 percent ROI on every email marketing dollar spent, so yeah, it’s not going anywhere. I thought text might be viable replacement, but that platform hasn’t yet bested email either.

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Why Wine Marketing Strategy Should Include Digital Now

No doubt the past three weeks have changed the game for Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino wineries. With over 900 wineries in these counties alone, fierce competition for the fickle or frightened wine country visitor is getting downright gladiatorial. It’s time to get down and dirty with new wine marketing strategy. By some accounts, the number of reservation cancellations is 60 percent. Since that doesn’t leave much to make revenue budgets for 2017, getting creative with digital tactics is the answer.

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Go up and never stop

10 Tips to Grow an Email List – Food and Wine Brands

With email, there’s power in numbers. A business should live and die by its email list, since this marketing platform isn’t going away. If you receive visitors to your retail location every day and don’t have at least 5,000 names, then you need this post on how to grow an email list. Don’t be behind the eight ball… nurture that list! It could be the last opportunity for further outreach and to follow up to that customer who just realized that you’re the bomb diggity.

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